I offer two studio recitals per school year that allows students the opportunity to share their music with family and peers. While participation in these recitals is not mandatory, I work with each student with a performance goal in mind. Our fall recital date follows:

Maloy Piano Studios Spring Recital
Saturday, May 17, 2014
Graner Music, Colorado Springs

Piano is a naturally solitary instrument. Every other instrument, including organ, was built for orchestra, band, wind ensemble, or some other form of group playing. I strongly encourage my piano students to participate in a school ensemble such as choir, band, or orchestra, to gain experience of being in a group and developing the ability to listen to other parts in addition to yours. It is also helpful in refining the student’s ear, as they need to learn to play in tune with those around them, something the pianist does not have to worry about. The Colorado Springs Chamber Orchestra and the Colorado Springs Philharmonic offer opportunities to listen to orchestral repertoire, and the student is encouraged to check their websites for concert dates and ticket prices. Below is a list of free concerts presented by both professional and semi-professional wind ensemble groups that I currently am a member of (fr. horn):

  • Saturday, April 26, 2014

    New Horizons Band Concert, Bill Callen, Conductor Strickland Chapel, Nazarene Bible College campus
    Free admission