Duration: Period: Price:
30 minute sessions once weekly $120.
45 minute sessions once weekly $180.
60 minute sessions once hourly $60.


Tuition is due on the first lesson of each month. Fees are based on $60.00/hour, four (4) lessons per month. I will use months with five lessons to make up missed lessons. Students taking one-hour lessons may pay per lesson, or for the number of lessons taken per month.

Make-up Lessons:

I will give make-up lessons as my schedule allows. TUITION WILL NOT BE PRO-RATED DUE TO MISSED LESSONS.

Practice Expectations:

Beginning and intermediate students must record their practice time. For every 250 minutes of practice accomplished and recorded, the student will earn a sticker. Students who earn 10 or more stickers in a semester (fall/spring), will earn a surprise gift bag. Students who earn 15 or more stickers in a semester will earn a trophy. ADVANCED STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO PRACTICE A MINIMUM OF AN HOUR EVERY DAY.

Performance Classes:

I will schedule one Sunday a month as my time allows for a studio/performance class. Time will be used for reviewing theory concepts and/or practicing performance of pieces in preparation for upcoming recitals.


I will cover theory concepts in the student's private lesson. Students taking thirty-minute lessons will have an average of one lesson per month devoted solely on theory concepts. Students taking forty-five minute lessons will cover theory concepts each week.

Studio Recitals:

There are two studio recitals per year, one during the fall semester and another at the end of the spring semester. Dates will be announced on the on our news page.

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